Apple coated with wax are being sold all over the world. (Are they safe?)

4 years ago

Sadly, the opposite might be true, as a new video has revealed just how far apples have gone from their natural state.

Shop bought apples are covered in wax to keep them shiny during their long journey from the apple orchard to the supermarket.

One man has uploaded a video revealing just how much wax is really on the delicious fruit.

This video shows a man who accidentally discovered that the apple he was about to eat was coated with wax.

Due to sellers trying to make apples look appealing and to last longer on the shelves, some are coating apples with wax to preserve and make the apples look fresher than it actually is..

This video will also show you how to know if an apple has been coated with wax


Expert Analysis:

Speaking about the health implications of eating wax-covered apples, A Nutritionist said: “If you pick an apple from a tree, rub that apple on your shirt, you’d notice that it shines, and that’s because you’ve just polished off the natural waxes and also yeasts that the apple produces in order to protect its high water content.

“And without that wax, fruits and vegetables would end up going very dry and would probably shrivel.

“What happens is after they have been harvested, apples get washed and brushed to remove dirt, and this process removes some of the fruits original wax coating that actually protects the fruit.

“So the apple packers typically re-apply a commercial grade wax, and one pound of that wax can cover as many as 160,000 pieces of fruit.

“So in other words, two drops of it on each apple.

“This is very little when one considers all the other additives we consume on a daily basis.”

But what is the wax actually made of – and should we be concerned about consuming it?

“Generally speaking these waxes are from natural sources including Carnauba that wax, the leaves of the Brazilian palm.

“These are natural waxes and approved for use so are considered safe to eat.

“Others used include beeswax and shellac (derived from the female Lac bug).

“By the way Carnauba is also used in suncreams and cosmetics like lipsticks and coatings for medications – so if really wanted to avoid them you would have to be careful with other things too.

“You can buy unwaxed apples – farmers markets and pick your own or grow your own apples of course.

“If you peel them you get rid of the wax but that is also where a lot of the important polyphenol antioxidants and fibre are as well.”


The only problem is not all packers will the same type of wax coating and this can ultimately have adverse effect on you body.

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