Man caught after trying to use witchcraft to steal meat.

3 years ago
A brazen thief repeatedly strolled into a warehouse and helped himself to large quantities of meat – because a witchdoctor had convinced him he was invisible.
When he was eventually caught, police had to rescue the man from an angry mob who stripped him naked and beat him before attempting to lynch him.



Thinking no one could see him, after being sold a charm by a witchdoctor, the butcher kept on visiting the warehouse and stuffed slabs of meat into his sack.
Because he looked confident, staff thought he was there legitimately and did not question him – until it emerged that the equivalent of several cows and half a dozen sheep were missing.
The next time the thief wandered in, a worker got suspicious and questioned him.
But thinking he was invisible, he carried on until the warehouse worker started shouting: ‘Stop! Thief!’



At this point he was grabbed, beaten and stripped naked and already had a rope around his neck to be lynched before police arrived and rescued him.
He was then taken to a jail in the city of Enugu in south-eastern Nigerian Enugu State where he is facing charges of stealing from the warehouse attached to a local abattoir.
According to Egwuatu Chukz, who shared the photo, the Hausa man casually strolled into the warehouse, brought out a sack and started stuffing large chunks of meat into it, completely ignoring the fact that there were other people around.
He said charms were found around the young man’s leg, which locals also believed had been used to make him invisible on previous occasions.
As a result they wanted to kill him for practising witchcraft.
Police spokesman Ebere Amaraizu confirmed that an investigation was being carried out.
He added: ‘We are investigating and he is due to appear in court shortly


source: dailymail

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