Shocking footage of woman slapping her baby 42 times

2 years ago

Hunt for woman begins – wanted by police by giditubeng

Viewers may find this footage upsetting and distressing.

Police are hunting for a woman who was filmed by a 8yr old family friend cruelly slapping her baby.

It has been alleged that the woman was ‘teaching her child a lesson’ because the baby refused to stop crying.

In the footage, the woman speaks to the child in a low voice, but then slaps the baby hard across the face multiple times.

As the baby continues to cry, the woman slaps the child harder and more continuously.

During the 57 second video, the mother lashes out at the tot at least 42 times.

The appalling video has been uploaded to YouTube alongside Chinese captions, although it claims the footage originated in Kazakhstan, in the city of Almaty.

It was originally believed to have been recorded in August, earlier this year, but has only recently been released online.

The woman doing the beating is reportedly a migrant worker from neighbouring Uzbekistan who had travelled to Almaty with her family looking for a better future.

The footage shows the mother, dressed in a blue T-shirt and white trousers, deliberately slapping the baby who is crying on the sofa.

The mother was staying with a friend and it was the friend’s daughter who allegedly filmed the video.

Police are now said to be hunting for the woman as their investigation continues.


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  • I don’t care who this women is she was in the wrong ! for slapping that 3 month old baby when I see babies being abused it touches me dearly that is why I take the stand for these babies I am their VOICE I do this because I know Our Heavenly Father God wouldn’t let this happen to His Children. The reason she gave isn’t good enough. Why didn’t she hold her was it because it was more easyer to slap her again and again 42 times. People out there in this world when thing’s like this happens they need not turn their heads and look the other way what good is that little babies die every day from being baby abused. because some people just don’t care about these helpless little babies they can’t ask for help.

    DARLENE DAILY November 23, 2016 10:47 pm

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